Philippine, Indian forces exchange capability strengthening commitments

The Philippine Army (PA) and the Indian Armed Forces, Army War College (IAF-AWC) expressed future commitments to strengthen both forces’ capabilities here today, Sept. 26.

PA Vice Commander Maj. Gen. Reynaldo M. Aquino and IAF-AWC 48th Higher Command Course delegation head Maj. Gen. Mandip Singh offered trainings and programs that will enhance both Filipino and Indian troops’ abilities in countering insurgencies.

PA offered Command and General Staff Course, Career and Service Course, Civil-Military Courses and other exchange trainings. On the other hand, IAF-AWC mentioned to support the PA through facilitation of aircraft familiarization since the PA is currently establishing its aviation regiment.

Aquino also shared the command’s strategies anchored on Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism after Singh identifies similar terrorism problems in India and the Philippines, particularly in the Mindanao region, where insurgencies arise due to extreme ideologies.

During the forum highlighting PA’s Marawi experience, IAF-AWC delegates learned PA’s intensified Civil-Military Operations as an integral part in ending the the said crisis. PA officers also reiterated the importance advancing its aviation functions and other technologies to augment the capability gap learned during Marawi.

“Our transformation journey has taught us to put a premium on the knowledge and expertise that we learn from our allies and counterparts in the defense establishment. I am confident that through this activity [ this Foreign Academic Travel], the bilateral cooperation between our two institutions will continue to strengthen,” said Aquino. PHILIPPINE ARMY