Philippine Fleet awards Surface Warfare Officers

The Philippine Fleet conducted an Awarding Ceremony to Surface Warfare Officers who have successfully commanded commissioned naval vessels and major/special units of the Philippine Navy and Donning of Ranks to the newly promoted officers at the Headquarters Philippine Fleet, Naval Base Heracleo Alano yesterday, December 22, 2020.

Philippine Fleet photo

The Philippine Fleet Commander, Rear Adm. Loumer P. Bernabe PN led the awarding of Senior Command At-Sea badge and plaque to Capt. Lemuel E Espartinez PN(MNSA), in recognition of his successful command of various PN vessels and as commander of various task forces and task groups of the Philippine Navy.

Likewise, the Command At-Sea badge and plaque was also awarded to Cmdr. Lemar R Dela Calzada PN(GSC) and Cmdr. Edgar A Mancita PN for having successfully commanded commissioned vessels of the Philippine Navy.

In the CPF’s message, ” By that measure you deserve the honors given to you this day. Let me convey our high esteem and sincere congratulations to the awardee. By showing your commitment, vigilance and sheer determination, you have lived up to the unique quality that the commanding officer are known for.” Rear Adm. Bernabe said.

On the other hand, the Command dons the following newly promoted officers to the next higher rank namely: Lt. Junior Grade Maryam D Balais PN, Lt. Junior Grade Francis Carl A Ramos PN, Lt. Junior Grade Maycee Ann B Angga PN, Lt. Junior Grade Reggie S Despalo PN, and Ens. Roma L Cabuslay PN.

The Philippine Fleet Commander congratulates them on their well-deserved promotion. “I believed that it is the same amount of dedication that our promotees have exemplified throughout their naval career. Our warmest congratulations to you among other things. Your promotion means past responsibilities completely fulfilled, previous tasks well done, and missions successfully accomplished.

“Excellence is not a one-time achievement, Excellence is a life-long habit. Indeed, success is not a harbor but a journey. The game of life is about coming out a winner or achieving that we have set out to do. There can be no success without excellence and there can be no excellence without character. Carry on as you continue to uphold the core values of a true naval warrior; Honor, Dedication, Patriotism, Solidarity, Leadership, and Professionalism”. Rear Adm. Bernabe added.

Said activity was conducted under the new normal situation with strict adherence to health and biosafety protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19. PHILIPPINE FLEET