Philippine Bar Association offers to host Duterte-Carpio debate on WPS

The Philippine Bar Association (PBA) is offering to host the possible debate of President Rodrigo Duterte and former Senior Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio.

“Now that the President’s earlier challenge to a debate on the West Philippine Sea has been accepted by former Senior Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio, the Filipino public will benefit immensely from a frank and straighforward discussion on a matter that affects the entire citizenry,” the Philippine Bar Association said.

The Philippine Bar Association said it is offering to host the discussion on a date and time President Duterte and Justice Carpio may agree.

“As the oldest voluntary private organization of lawyers in the country, the PBA will provide a balanced arena fit for two lawyers of eminent stature and experience to dispassionately discuss the the core issues relating to the dispute on the West Philippine Sea. The PBA stands ready to provide this forum for free and at no cost to either parties conformably with its staunch advocacy to promote the Rule of Law,” it added.