Philippine Army’s upcoming tanks: Elbit’s Sabrah light tank series

Israel-based Elbit System’s Sabrah light tank series will soon be joining the Philippine Army under the Armor Division after it was selected as winning proponent for Philippine Army Light Tank Acquisition Project under the current Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) modernization program, as confirmed by MaxDefense Philippines.

Under the said project, the Philippine Army will be receiving a number of tracked and wheeled light tanks.

The Sabrah light tank series is armed with 105 mm turret. The tracked variant is using ASCOD as platform, while the wheeled variant uses the Pandur II.

According to Elbit, “The Sabrah light tank series is based on a tracked or wheeled platform, as part of Elbit Systems’ global cooperation with tier-one military platform manufacturers.”

“Due to ongoing development and technology insertion, the ASCOD offers advanced protection and mobility, large internal volume at very compact ddimensions, and a large payload at low GVW,” Elbit said. “The chasis provides the ASCOD with its mobility/mine protection characteristics and acts as the interface for all other primary subsytems.”

“The Pandur offers a unique solution of wheel suspensions characterized by robus chassis components, optimum riding comfort and minimum maintenance effort,” Elbit noted.