Philippine Army Artillery Regiment fires assets in live fire exercise with US

Philippine Army Artillery Regiment fired some of their assets during the combined arms live fire exercise (CALFEX) with United States at Colonel Ernesto Rabina Air Base (CERAB) in Capas, Tarlac on May 15 as part of Balikatan 2018.

Philippine Army photo

“The participation of Philippine Army Artillery personnel in BK-34-2018 provided them additional knowledge and skills in terms of Field Artillery operation in support to Counter-Terrorism/Urban Operations,” the Army said.

Philippine Army mechanized units also participated in the event which boosted the capability of mechanized infantry units in Counter-Terrorism/Urban Operations.

The US military said the CALFEX event showcased the orchestration of air and ground troops to seize an objective during Exercise Balikatan.

Philippine Army photo

“The exercise was designed to integrate the Philippine military with US forces in a combined arms scenario and expose them to the benefits of integrated fires,” the US military said.

Balikatan 2018 officially ended May 18.