Philippine Air Force selects Israeli SPYDER air defense system

The Philippine Air Force (PAF) has chosen the SPYDER (Surface-to-air PYthon and DERby) air defense system developed by Israeli Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, MaxDefense Philippines confirmed citing sources.

During the PAF change of command ceremony on December 21, former PAF chief Lieutenant General Galileo Gerard Kintanar Jr. said that among the major acquisition projects that are nearing conclusion in early 2019 is the project for acquisition of 3 ground based air defense systems (GBADS) from Israel.

“SPYDER is a quick reaction, low level surface-to-air missile system designed to counter attacks by aerial threats,” Rafael says in SPYDER product webpage.

It added that the system provides effective protection of valuable assets, as well as first-class defense for forces located in the combat area.

“SPYDER incorporates RAFAEL’s most advanced, proven performance air-to-air missiles: the I-Derby active radar (RF) missile and Python-5, a dual waveband Imaging Infra Red (IIR) missile,” Rafael explained.

The system has short range (SR) and medium range (MR) types.