PCG’s newest assets planned to have naval weapon system

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG)’s four ordered 24-meter Fast Patrol Boat type OCEA FPB72 Mark II from French shipbuilder OCEA are planned to be fitted with remote-controlled naval weapon system (RCWS), according to sources of MaxDefense Philippines.

It can be recalled that 2 of the 4 ordered OCEA FPB72 Mark II, BRP Boracay (FPB 2401) and BRP Panglao (FPB 2402), are already in active PCG service after their commissioning on October 15. The patrol boats were named after prominent Philippine islands known for their tourism aesthetic and environmental features.

The final two units, BRP Malamawi (FPB2403) and BRP Kalanggaman (FPB2404), are now for delivery and are expected to arrive in November.

“While there are several offers made by several manufacturers, apparently the PCG is leaning more into using RCWS from British defence company MSI Defence Seahawk lightweight RCWS, which could allow the PCG to use either a 25mm or 30mm autocannon,” MaxDefense said.

“MSI’s RCWS are currently used by the Philippine Navy’s Jacinto-class patrol vessels, and was the top choice for the new frigates being built by Hyundai Heavy Industries, until HHi picked Aselsan’s product instead due to cost issues,” MaxDefense noted.

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