PCG to build more lighthouses, recapitalize in assets in 2019

The Philippine Cost Guard (PCG) will hire more personnel, build more lighthouses, and recapitalize in assets this 2019, PCG commandant Admiral Elson Hermogino said in his New Year’s Message.

“The procurement of additional personnel will remain high in our agenda. This is to put more fresh legs in the field and make our presence more felt by those who most need our service,” PCG Admiral Hermogino said.

He added that the PCG will be building additional lighthouses and Vessel Traffic Management and Information System structures to complement those that will undergo rehabilitations and refurbishments.

“Further, we will sustain our efforts in building national and international confidence in our search and rescue response capability as we maintain our position as the primary national maritime SAR organization,” he added.

“We will push forward in our efforts to recapitalize our assets and take advantage of existing technologies to improve our support facilities that will sustain our day to day operations and will improve the delivery of Coast Guard service to our people,” he said.

In 2019, according to Hermogino, the PCG will also continue effort on building national and international confidence in search and rescue response capability; and will continue to leverage existing institutional arrangements with other Philippine law enforcement agencies, counterpart agencies in neighboring countries, and other regional law enforcement organizations to support PCG’s thrust of maintaining peace and good order at sea.