PCG restores Cape Santiago Lighthouse in Batangas

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has restored the historic Faro de Cabo Santiago or Cape Santiago Lighthouse in Calatagan, Batangas. The event was led by PCG commandant Admiral George V. Ursabia Jr. April 15, 2021.

PCG District Southern Tagalog commander Commodore Tito Alvin G. Andal said lighthouse is the oldest in Batangas and one of the oldest working lighthouses in the Philippines.

“It stands on top of a 41-foot cliff by the shore of Calatagan and serves as a guide for ships passing through the Verde Island Passage and entering Manila Bay,” Commodore Andal said.

According to PCG, the red, round structure was modeled after Europe’s medieval castles by Spanish engineer Guillermo Brockman in 1887. It was made of brick and lime cement and stands 51 feet tall. The lighthouse was inaugurated and lit on 15 December 1890.

“On 12 March 2018, the National Historical Museum of the Philippines (NHMP) installed a historical marker on the site, designating its status as a National Historical Landmark,” PCG said.

PCG Station Batangas Commander Captain Geronimo B. Tuvilla said “for the past seven months, we have focused our efforts on the clearing and cleaning activities, external works on parts of the lighthouse, strengthening its structural integrity, and installing initial habitability, such as water source and a decent restroom for visitors.”