Panelo suggests using choppers in transporting patients amid traffic woes

“Meanwhile, they should be creative. They should look for roads that are not traffic-laden or perhaps they can use choppers or an emergency flight,” Presidential Spokesperson and Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Secretary Salvador Panelo said during September 10 press briefing.

The statement was made by Secretary Panelo when asked for ways, pending emergency powers, to prevent patients from dying because ambulances carrying them could not reach the hospital on time.

“Because of that then with more reason that the members of the Senate consider the grant of emergency powers given that particular situation wherein even patients are dying because the ambulance carrying them could not reach the hospital on time,” Panelo said.

When asked if choppers will be available for public, he said “we can always utilize the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) with respect to choppers.”

“I think the Secretary of Health as well as the Secretary of DND should be coordinating with respect to that,” Panelo added.

He also said that the Department of Health (DOH) may consider acquiring air ambulance. “Perhaps they should include that in the next budget or they can ask the help of other agencies that can buy them choppers to be converted into an ambulance chopper,” he said.