Panelo slams ‘malicious use’ of his image for black propaganda

“Some supporters of the political opposition are showing signs of extreme desperation as D-Day or the Election Day, May 13, approaches,” Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said after satire Facebook page MalacaƱang Events and Catering Services used Panelo’s photo for a meme.

“An Anti-Duterte Facebook page has posted today an edited on-line image of me taken from my news briefing yesterday (May 8) purportedly endorsing the slate of Ocho Derecho senatorial candidates and others,” Panelo said.

He also urged Facebook fact-checkers to do their job and prove that they are not one sided.

“It is for this reason that I strongly denounce the malicious use of my image for black propaganda and political mudslinging. This is nothing but false news dished out by the supporters of the political opposition which by its reckoning is headed for a resounding debacle,” he said.

“While we understand that the post is a political meme, which is the norm in this campaign season, the same however amounts to a defamatory imputation. It is a given fact that there are still netizens who believe in what they see or read on the internet, including images that have been obviously altered, edited or photoshopped,” he added.

He explained that “the attempt at maliciously misleading the voters by circulating on-line the bogus endorsement, shows that this representation has been effective in neutralising the black propaganda spread against PRRD, his family and this Administration, which the purveyors of the false news hope to succeed in impairing the credibility of the presidential spokesperson.”

“It is an inalterable dictum that truth always springs in full splendour no matter how you embellish it or even if you cover it with the Rock of Gibraltar,” he said.