Panelo hits ‘inveterate manic nationalists’, ‘war freak partisans’

“The settlement of bilateral conflicts, and for that matter multinational disputes, can be best resolved through well tested diplomatic negotiations rather than saber-rattling diplomacy as espoused by inveterate manic nationalists and other war freak partisans,” Presidential Spokesperson Slavador Panelo said in a statement.

“The advocacy of critics to pursue aggressive isolationist policies are not only impractical in this modern era of peace and international comity, but disruptive and potentially dangerous,” Secretary Panelo said.

He stressed that President Duterte “will not relinquish, as he is not relinquishing or waiving our sovereign rights over our country’s EEZ in the West Philippine Sea. “

“The President, in order to advance our sovereign rights over our EEZ, has publicly urged China to join in the finalization of a code of conduct in the contested waters,” he added.

Panelo noted that during the recent AEAN Summit, President Duterte articulated on the dangers of China’s vague demarcation line claim even as we filed diplomatic protests against its activities in our EEZ through the Department of Foreign Affairs.

“The Filipinos can rest assured that the President’s actions are all in accord with his Constitutional mandate to serve and protect the Filipino people. Maintaining peace and accord among all nations, as well as avoiding knee jerk and reckless undertakings in disputed areas, are only two of the many carefully studied moves of the President, in obedience to the said constitutional command,” he said.