PAF’s 2nd radar from Israel installed in Mindoro, 3rd to be installed in Palawan

Philippine Air Force (PAF) commanding general Lieutenant General Rozzano D. Briguez confirmed during the 72nd anniversary celebration of PAF at Colonel Jesus Villamor Air Base in Pasay City that the second radar acquired from Israeli company Elta Systems is already installed.

The second radar, ELM-2288ER Air Defense & Air Traffic Control RadarĀ AD-STAR, was installed at Gozar Air Station, Lubang Island in Occidental Mindoro.

“We have installed our second radar at Gozar Air Station, Lubang Island, Mindoro,” Lieutenant General Briguez said.

“And we are continuously working on the construction of the radar basing support system for the third radar at Mount Salakot, Palawan,” he added.

The first radar was installed at Paredes Air Station in Ilocos Norte.