PAF TWG reportedly selects an ‘American helicopter’ for attack helicopter project after re-evaluation


Philippine Air Force (PAF) Technical Working Group (TWG) on for the current attack helicopter acquisition project has reportedly selected a new platform, which is an American helicopter, for its current attack helicopter acquisition project after a re-evaluation.

MaxDefense Philippines said it “got confirmation that the Philippine Air Force’s Technical Working Group (TWG) for the Attack Helicopter Acquisition Project has finally dropped the TAI T129B ATAK attack helicopter as its choice.”

“This is due to Turkey’s failure to confirm their ability to import engines and avionics from the US and UK to allow manufacture and support of the helicopters,” MaxDefense added.

“The PAF TWG has selected an American helicopter to replace it after a re-evaluation was made. Take note that there are 3 American helicopter models that are being offered to the PAF. But we’ll not disclose yet the selected model,” MaxDefense said.

Among the American helicopters being offered to PAF are AH-1Z Viper, AH-64E Apache, and armed S-70i Black Hawk. Though built in Poland, the S-70i Black Hawk is built under Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company.