PAF Huey helicopters flying back to bases for proper storage

The Philippine Air Force (PAF)’s 205ᵗʰ Tactical Helicopter Wing has said that UH-1H Huey helicopters deployed at Wallace Air Station, La Union, performed a one-time flight to Clark Air Base, Pampanga on June 8.

The helicopter wing said Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief of Staff has approved the one-time flight of all Hueys to return them back to the nearest PAF Main Operating Bases (MOBs) / Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) for proper storage, with the interim measure provided by the higher Command.

It can be recalled that 205th Tactical Helicopter Wing’s Huey helicopters were restricted to fly since January 2021 after the fatal accident that occurred to one of the said aircraft.

The rest of the Hueys are currently being prepared to fly back to the nearest PAF MOBs/FOBs, the helicopter wing said.

“With the Unit’s superb maintenance capabilities, the one-time flight gave the people another chance to witness the ever-reliable Hueys, as they take the skies once more. Seeing the mighty Hueys fly again has boosted the morale and confidence of every Katuopip – making each and every Katuopip’s heart swell with pride,” the wing said.