PAF airlift wing records 11,420 flying hours in 2017

Philippine Air Force (PAF) 220th Airlift Wing (220th AW) has recorded 11,420 of flying hours in 2017, 190% higher than the wing’s programmed 6,000 flying hours. 220AW attributed this huge increase to Marawi battle and other essential flight missions.

“This substantial increase in the actual flight time was largely brought about by the heavy airlift operations of the Wing such as Troops deployment and reinforcements most particularly in the military campaign in Marawi; AFP and PAF Logistic flights; Humanitarian and Disaster relief missions in the aftermath of typhoon Vinta; support to Fighter Aircraft operations or Territorial Defense operations; Aero-medical evacuation sorties; Maritime Patrols in the West Philippine Sea and Benham Rise; Support to National Development efforts and socio-economic initiatives; Frequent International flight missions most particularly in Guam and Arizona; VVIP/VIP flights including Presidential sorties and the recent holiday sorties,” 220th AW said.

220th AW said it is expecting this high flying hours will continue this year.

220th AW photo

“Records revealed that the Wing has in fact reached even more than the annual flying time accomplishment in recent years. Thus, the Wing has crossed the 10,000 flying hours mark and accordingly the highest ever recorded than any other time,” the wing said.

220th AW said this high flying hours shows “highly of the quality of our human resource and the systemic improvements we put in place.”

220th AW is providing tactical airlift operations not just for PAF but for the entire Armed Forces of the Philippines.

The said wing is operating PAF’s C-130, C-295, and other transport aircraft.