Ousting Duterte is top priority in 2019: Joma Sison

“The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) will further strengthen itself as the most consolidated realization of the national united front but will be able to cooperate with all possible allies in the broad united front in order to isolate and oust the Duterte regime from power,” said founding chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines Joma Sison outlining communist rebels plan in 2019.

“The NDFP is authorized to be open to peace negotiations with the current and prospective regime of the reactionary government but its principal work now is to work for the ouster of the Duterte regime,” he said.

Sison also said that the NPA will intensify its tactical offensives to defeat the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)’s campaign to destroy them.

“The intensified offensives are meant to develop a fully armed company per guerrilla front and fulfill the maturation of the strategic defensive and proceed to the strategic stalemate in a few year’s time,” Sison said.