OMG! Dear Secretary Duque, pls tell us what curve is flattening – Senator Zubiri


“OMG! Dear Secretary Duque, with all due respect, pls tell us what curve is flattening,” Senator Migz Zubiri said after Health Secretary Duque said during a pre-SONA forum “we have successfully flattened the curve since April.”

“Is it the fact that the cases in April were at an average of two hundred a day as compared to the daily average of over a thousand cases today? Or is it the fact that we will soon be number one in South East Asia in terms covid cases,” the senator addded.

“The only thing that is flat are the backs of all the poor patients in fully occupied covid wards all around Metro Manila fighting for their lives! Wag mag bulag bulagan and act to stop the surge instead of imagining it,” he added.

Secretary Duque cited figures on case doubling time and mortality doubling time.

In an interview with GMA News, Secretary Duque explained “ibig sabihin po nito, nailiko na, nasimulan na nating nailiko o naikurba na natin ang epidemic curve nung nagkaroon ng imposition of ECQ noong March.”