Oil beneath Liguasan Marsh will be for Moro people: Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte in his speech during the Oath-taking Ceremony of the newly elected Punong Barangays in Region III at the ASEAN Convention Center in Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga on June 12 promised the Moro people that they will be the ones who will benefit from their natural resources including the possible oil beneath Liguasan Marsh.

“I am not instilling fear but this is going to happen. The ISIS has contaminated itong Abu Sayyaf. The rebellion in Mindanao was purely territorial in nature,” President Duterte said.

“Sabihin ng mga Moro – eh nanay ng nanay ko Maranao eh. Sabihin nila: Nauna kami dito. At Islam was ahead by almost 80 years. Sabi nila 100,” he added.

“So we understand that and we are ready to talk. Maybe create regions exclusively for them,” the President said.

He said that one of the things the Moro people are weary about is the resources beneath Liguasan Marsh. “Somebody told them that it cou[ld] – far beneath the bowels of the earth is a trillion cubic meter of oil. Sinabi ko: Hindi namin kukunin ‘yan,” he said.

“As we promised, ‘yung lahat ng natural resource ninyo, inyo,” he added.

“But then in exchange, we have to live together side by side in peace. Ako, sabi ko, ayaw ko galawin. Kung kayo ang original dito at it contains so many – would make you rich, fine. We have no business,” he said.