Objective of party-list system has been lost lost – Drilon

Senate Minority Floor Leader Senator Franklin Drilon said during an interview January 18 that the objective of party-list system based on the Constitution has been lost. Senator Drilon also said that change can be made by amending the party-list system law.

“I concur with the view of Senate President Sotto that we can amend the implementing law of the Party-list System Act in order to give true meaning to it,” Senator srilon said.

“I must admit that the party-list system has been bastardized today. If you read the Constitution, it is designed for the marginalized and the under-represented though the congressional districts. But in truth and in fact, if you look at the composition of the party-list today, that objective has been lost,” he added.

He noted that the intention of the party-list system is really open to question of the present system of election.

“Realistically, kung idadaan mo sa con-ass mayroong over 60 party-list ngayon, do you think they will agree to abolish themselves? That is why I concur with the Senate President that we can achieve the objectives by amending the party-list system act in order to align with the objectives of the Constitution,” he explained.

“The minority bloc is in the position that we do not need to amend the Constitution today,” Drilon said.