Nurses had to leave our ‘f#$%& country’ for lands that value them: DFA chief


“We do not SEND our nurses abroad. Our nurses are not ours. We especially we fucking public officials do not deserve to call them ours. We never helped them. They have had to flee our FUCKING Country for lands that value them,” Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin said in a tweet commenting on news that Cagayan de Oro Representative Rufus Rodriguez is calling on suspension of sending nurses abroad.

“[DOLE] Secretary [Silvestre] Bello should suspend the sending of nurses abroad. We need our healthcare personnel here at this time of public health emergency to attend to sick Filipinos, and not to foreigners,” Rodriguez said.

“We need those nurses bound for Germany and other jobs overseas to augment our dwindling public health workforce,”  he said.

He also urged the DOH to refrain from “asking for volunteer doctors and nurses but to instead hire them and pay them professionally with competitive rates.”