NPA takes responsibility for killing of 4 cops in Negros, denies torture

The NPA has taken responsibility for the killing of four police officers in Ayungon, Negros Oriental on July 18, however, it denied that the police officers were tortured.

“Based on reports of the concerned NPA command, the four armed personnel of the Philippine National Police were killed in an ambush mounted by the NPA in Ayungon town last week, and were not tortured, contrary to false claims made by Duterte,” the CPP-NPA-NDFP said in a statement.

The communist group said that police officers “were armed adversaries of the NPA and died in a legitimate act of war. Duterte and the police are making up stories in a vain attempt to gain public sympathy.”

“Unlike the AFP and PNP, the NPA strictly prohibits the use of torture. The NPA’s rules prohibit even lifting a finger against its captives or prisoners. The policies of the NPA are much unlike Duterte’s cruel war that targets civilians with extreme brutality,” it added.

President Duterte raised the reward for the capture of leader who killed the four police officers to 3 million pesos.

“So the other night, I raised the first one million. Then, the other night I was before the governors and mayors, I said, “I’m raising it two million.” Now nandito ako, I’m raising it to three million,” Duterte said during the inauguration of Candon City By Pass Road on July 25.

“Dalhin mo lang ‘yang ulo ng p***** i** okay na sa akin, sabi ko. It will keep on increasing and the pressure that goes with it. Kasi pagkatapos niyan ‘pag mag-abot ng 20 milyones ‘yan sabihin ko, dalhin mo na masking anong ulo basta leader dalhin mo na dito may 20,000 kayo,” he added.