NPA platoon officers, demolition expert surrender

Over the holiday season, 25-year-old Alias Cory, Vice Commander of the Platun Basil, Pulang Bagani Command 8 of NPA; Alias JB, a demolition specialist; Alias Aldrin and Alias Datu/Jeffrey, both team leaders under Platun Basil surrendered, the 10th Infantry ‘Agila’ Division said.

10ID said the 66th Infantry ‘Kabalikat’ Battalion had been relentlessly conducting series of operations against the armed groups operating in the boundaries of Davao Oriental and COMVAL Province.

“During the interviews conducted to said surrenderors, it appeared that the reasons of their surrender are fatigue and distress due to the hardships in the armed movement, dissatisfaction in the organization due to irrational decisions, leadership crisis and the hope to start a new life in the mainstream society as being enjoyed by their former comrades who have earlier surrendered,” it added.

The NPA members surrendered with one (1) M653 rifle (defaced), one (1) caliber .45mm pistol (SN: 139358), two (2) Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), four (4) blasting caps, fifty (50) meters wire, two (2) packs batteries, assorted medical items (Local Anesthesia and Gauze pads), cash amounting to six thousand five hundred pesos intended for their supplies, personal belongings and subversive documents with high intel value.

“This clearly manifests our sincere and diligent efforts in dealing with our rebel returnees, sending them a message that surrender does not entail death but rather an opportunity for a new life,” 66IB commander Lieutenant Colonel Palmer M. Parungao said.

10ID commanding general Brigadier General Jose C. Faustino Jr. said the reduction in manpower and firepower of NPA “will surely be a significant development as we exhaust all efforts to put this to an end.”