NPA member killed in encounter with Scout Rangers

A platoon of 6th Scout Ranger Company (6SRC), 2nd Scout Ranger Battalion (SRB) of Philippine Army’s First Scout Ranger Regiment, while conducting focus military operations, encountered an undetermined number of NPA terrorists at around 3:24 pm of May 26 at Purok Kinawasan, Brgy San Isidro, Lupon Davao Oriental.

10ID photo

The operation was part of 28th Infantry Battalion’s focused military operations in Lupon and Mati City fulfilling its mandate of protecting the people of Davao Oriental.

“The operation resulted to the death of unidentified communist terrorist CPP-NPA Terrorist (CNT) member and wounding of three (3) soldiers as well as the recovery of improvised explosive device (IEDs,) wires, blasting caps, rifle grenades, 40 rds of 5.56mm link and other personal belongings of CNTs,” Philippine Army’s 10th Infantry Division said.

“The wounded soldiers were immediately evacuated by helicopter to Camp Panacan Station hospital (CPSH) for treatment while the body of the slain CNT was given humane care and turned over to local official for proper disposition,” it added.

“All internally displaced persons, as a result of the encounter were also swiftly attended to by the local government officials and agencies,” 10ID said.

It added that there were undetermined number of wounded on CNT’s side.

The military is also calling upon them to voluntary surrender so they can be properly given medical treatment in accordance with the Human Rights accord and the International Humanitarian Law pertaining to wounded combatants.