NPA about to end: Duterte

“Our dialogue is about to end. Whether you agree to it or not, you NPAs, the communists, you are about to end,” President Rodrigo Duterte said during the distribution of Certificates of Land Ownership Award to Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries in Region XII on June 13.

“You don’t have guns, you don’t have bullets, you don’t even have food. All you have are sores and you are being bitten by leeches,” he added.

President Duterte told the audience that “everywhere all throughout the Philippines we are giving away land titles to you. All the promises the NPAs made to you, I can fulfill them. But I would need time.”

“My order was for all government-owned lands to be given to you. As long as the land is government-owned, it shall be given away. This would be better than just leaving the lands there for the trees to grow on,” he said.

“To the NPAs, surrender. You will no longer be hungry and your children will be able to go to school. I will pay for it and I will even feed you,” he said.