Notice to proceed for acquisition of self-propelled howitzers from Israel released

The Department of National Defense (DND) has released the Notice to Proceed (NTP) for the acquisition of self-propelled artillery from Israeli company Elbit Systems Land & C4I, according to MaxDefense Philippines.

“The NTP is the basis of the winning bidder, Elbit Systems Land & C4I, to proceed with producing the artillery systems, and is the basis of the delivery schedule,” MaxDefense Philippines added.

“Since the contract states that Elbit Systems should deliver all the products in 24 months, that means the Philippine Army should expect delivery of the ATMOS artillery systems before April 2022. And it is highly possible that Elbit may be able to deliver the first batch way ahead of April 2022,” MaxDefense added.

This acquisition will provide the Philippine Army with Elbit Soltam ATMOS 155mm/52cal self-propelled howitzers.

In preparation for the arrival of self-propelled artillery, the Philippine Army has activated 2 field artillery batteries under the Army Artillery Regiment (AAR).

The Army said field artillery batteries will help in troop maneuver to destroy, neutralize, and suppress the enemies through its fire support to maneuver units.