‘NO’: Locsin not sending coast guard, naval attachés to China

Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr. is turning down the possibility of sending a coast guard attaché to Philippine Embassy in Beijing. The foreign affairs secretary also said he is not inclined in sending a naval attaché.

“PH Coast Guard wants own attaché in Beijing Embassy. Flat NO,” Secretary Locsin said.

“We have a Defense attaché for national defense issues. A separate Coast Guard attaché means we concede exclusive sovereignty over our coastal waters so they are now subject to discussion instead of automatic protest,” he explained.

When asked about sending a naval attaché, Locsin said “No. I don’t want anyone discussing with his foreign counterpart what naval maneuvers are or are not acceptable.”

“Territory and territorial prerogatives are not the subject of discussion but only of diplomatic protests or war under the MDT (Mutual Defense Treaty with United States),” he added.