Newly equipped, retrained Marine battalion ready for deployment

The Philippine Marine Corps’ (PMC) 8th Marine Battalion was declared operationally ready today after a 9-month intensive retraining and refurbishing program.  

PMC photo

“This means that all the necessary skill sets for the Marines are enhanced, assets and equipment were repaired, replaced or provided, and the operational readiness of the unit is at its highest,” the Philippine Marines said.

The said Marine battalion will be deployed to Sulu to boost the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)’s fight against the lawless elements and terrorist groups, the Philippine Marines said.

 “As the most trusted force of the AFP, the Filipino people highly rely on the security, the services and the response that the Philippine Marine Corps delivers. We cannot fail those who gave their trust in us. We must always be ready to respond and accomplish our mission,” PMC commandant Major General Alvin A. Parreño said during the ceremony.

According to PMC, for 40 years, the 8th Marine Battalion boasts a rich history and tradition as vanguards of peace and development wherever its area of operation is.

‘Team Peacemaker has maintained its culture and discipline and lived up to the Philippine Marine Corps ideals of “Karangalan, Katungkulan at Kabayanihan,” it added.