Newly equipped Marine battalion sent to Sulu

The Philippine Marine Corps’ (PMC) 8th Marine Battalion – a newly equipped, retrained, refurbished unit – was sent off today, June 28 for Sulu deployment to boost the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)’s fight against lawless elements and terrorist groups.

The Marine battalion will be replacing Marine Battalion Landing Team (MBLT) 3 which will replace MBLT 12 in Palawan. MBLT 12 will undergo retraining and refurbishing.

“With your spotless records of previous successful missions, we are likewise assured of your triumph in this new charge and that when the time comes for your return,” Navy chief Vice Admiral Robert Empedrad said during the send off ceremony held at Manila South Harbor.

“We will again stories of success and the victory in the name of our Philippine Marine Corps, for our Navy, our Armed Forces and our maritime nation,” Vice Admiral Empedrad added.

Completing the retraining and refurbishing program and being declared operational ready mean that all the necessary skill sets for the Marines are enhanced, assets and equipment were repaired, replaced or provided, and the operational readiness of the unit is at its highest, the Philippine Marines said.