New US Indo-Pacific commander: Allies to have no better ally than US

“To our allies here in the Indo-Pacific, you will have no better ally. To our partners, I look forward to advancing our partnership in a way that serves our mutual interests,” newly installed United States Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM) commander Navy Admiral Philip S. Davidson said during the change-of-command ceremony on May 31.

“To our friends, our friendship is rock solid. We must continue to work together. Peace and prosperity in the Indo Pacific relies directly on these bonds,” he added.

He noted that for more than 70 years, the Indo-Pacific region has been largely peaceful.

“In most ways, this was made possible by two things: the commitment of free nations to the free and open international order, and underwritten by the credibility of the combat power within US Indo-Pacific Command,” he said.

He said China and Russia must remain the priority but other actors which include North Korea, violent extremism, and Iran must be considered.

“China continues to improve both the size and the capability of its armed forces in hopes to supplant the U.S. as the security partner of choice, not just in the Indo-Pacific region, but across the globe and on its own terms,” the admiral said.

He said that Russia continues to modernize its military in all domains and seeks explicitly to undermine the international order and US security guarantees.