New Toyota president tries mass transport modes to see struggles of Pinoy commuters


Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) president Atsuhiro Okamoto, who was recently installed, tried different mass transportation modes in the country to personally see the struggles of Filipino commuters.

TMP President’s Office photos

“During my first week in the Philippines, I decided to do “Genchi Genbutsu,” or to “Go and See” the daily struggles of Filipino commuters,” Okamoto said.

“I rode a bus, took a round trip of the MRT, rode the jeepney, queued for a long time to ride the UV Express, and lastly, took a tricycle ride to Tondo,” he said.

He noted that for him, “it’s a good learning experience. I realize that unlike Japan or Singapore, the Philippines’ current mass transport system is not enough to accommodate the huge number of daily commuters.”

“I would like Toyota to take part in this big challenge to upgrade the quality of life for many Filipinos,” he said.