NBI’s digital forensic exam confirms SMS conversations between GCTA-buying witness, BuCor officers: Gordon

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) validated during today’s Senate probe on the alleged anomalies surrounding the Bureau of Corrections (BuCoR) that there are connections between GCTA-buying scheme witness Yolanda Camilon, and two BuCor officials, Correctional Officer III Veronica Buño and Correctional Senior Inspector Maribel Bansil.

NBI Director Atty. Dante Gierran confirmed that the devices owned by Camilon, Bansil and Buño “communicated with each other via short messaging system on several dates of February 2019” based on the digital forensic examination conducted by the bureau.

However, according to NBI, they were not able to extract any phone calls from Buño’s cellphone because it is password-protected.

Gordon asked Buño several times if she communicated with Camilon, but Buño remained firm on her answer that she never had telephone conversations with Camilon. Eventually, she admitted that she texted her.

“Veronica, sabi mo, hindi kayo nag-uusap? Ngayon, nakakausap mo pala. So, talagang ‘di ka nagsasabi ng totoo. Nagtetext kayo. Edi nag-uusap kayo. Tell the truth. Huli na ‘yan eh,” Gordon said.

Upon the Senator’s instruction, a court order was served to Buño by Atty. Kristtia Amores, accompanied by Special Agent Christopher Paz, ordering her to give the NBI an access to her phone so that the bureau could recover the deleted data.

Buño’s mobile phone is currently in the possession of NBI. Paz said, they will submit the findings within the day. SENATE.GOV.PH