NBI recommends murder, planting of evidence charges vs 9 cops over death of 4 intel soldiers

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has recommended the filing of murder and planting of evidence charges against 9 police officers involved in the death of 4 soldiers who were members of 9 Intelligence and Security Unit (9ISU), Philippine Army in Jolo, Sulu on June 29.

The 9 police officers are PSMS Abdelzhimar Padjiri, PMSg Hanie Baddiri, PSSg Iskandar Susulan, PSSg Ernisar Sappal, PCpl Sulki Andaki, and Pat Mohammad Nur Pasani of Jolo MPS; PSSg Almudzrin Hadjaruddin, Pat Alkajal Mandangan, and Pat Rajiv Putalan of PDEU Sulu.

“Respectfully transmitted for Preliminary Investigation are the result of the joint investigation conducted by this Bureau’s Western Mindanao Regional Office and Death Investigation Division contained in the Investigation Report (and its annexes), with the recommendation that Subjects Abdelzhimar Padjiri, et. al. be charged with and prosecuted for Murder and Planting of Evidence,” NBI Deputy Director for Regional Operations Service Antonio Pagatpat said in letter to Department of Justice (DOJ) Prosecutor General Benedicto Malcontento.

“Investigation disclosed that Maj. Marvin Indammog, Cpt. Irwin Managuelod, Sgt. Jaime Velasco, Jr., and Cpl. Abdal Asula (Collectively referred as the “Victims”) was dispatched at about 1:00 in the afternoon of even date as Joint Intelligence Task Group (JITG), Joint Task Force Sulu (JTFS 2) and the (9ISU) allegedly re-detected via technical intelligence equipment, the probable locations of the alleged female suicide bombers and the maker of their suicide vests,” NBI said.

“During investigation, it was revealed that the operation of the Philippine Army was properly coordinated to the members of the JTSF 2,” NBI added.

“Witnesses saw that Maj. Indammog, who was seated at the front passenger side of the Montero, raised his arms and stood near the back of the Montero, as the police officers continued to point their arms at him and the vehicle,” the NBI said.

“Police Officers fired upon the Montero and Maj. Indammog who slumped prone on the road. Sgt. Velasco quickly came out of the left side of the vehicle, but likewise fell to the ground. After series of gun fire, witnesses saw the Victims lifeless. A rifle was recovered near the left hand of Maj. Indammog,” it added.

“The 9 Police Officers simultaneously attacked the victims who were not given the opportunity to defend themselves. While some of the police officers did not fire their issued firearms, CCTV Footage and eyewitnesses’ accounts clearly demonstrates that they executed overt acts that constitute as moral assistance to the Police Officers who actually fired the Victims,” the NBI said.

“As recounted by the witnesses, Maj. Indammog did not carry any firearm when he alighted from the Montero, based on the additional pieces of evidence, it could be concluded that the rifle recovered near his left hand was indeed planted,” it added.

“We also agree that the failure of the Sulu Police Provincial Director, PDEU Chief and Jolo Chief of Police to inform their subordinates of the active operation by military constitutes Gross Negligence under the Doctrine of Command Responsibility,” NBI added.