Navy’s air wing building new hangars

The Naval Air Wing (NAW), operating under Philippine Navy’s Philippine Fleet, is building new hangars to accommodate its growing inventory of air assets.

NAW leadership together with civilian contractor RD Mandanas Construction conducted the ground breaking for the first hangar on January 11. Three hangars are being eyed this year.

According report by, the first 2 hangars are eyed to be built within the first of 2021, while the third hangar is slated before the year ends. Each 700-squaremeter hangar is estimated to accommodate up to 6 aircraft.

NAW, in its official publication The Flight Log’s edition released late last year, said it is working to “keep in pace with the fleet’s modernization efforts to attain a strong and credible navy capable of protecting our maritime interest.”

The Flight Log managing editor Captain Nelson Liwanag said in the publication that “we are vying to have additional anti submarine helicopters to complement the Jose Rizal Class Frigates. We are waiting for funding for the amphibious helicopter heavy (long range maritime helicopters) designed for tactical airlift and amphibious operations.”

“We also have the naval helicopter weapons upgrade,” he added. “An amphibian aircraft which aims to provide airlift and support to PN personnel guarding our bases at [West Philippine Sea] is also expected to be acquired by the PN.”

“We are also aiming to have TC12B Huron aircraft with ISR capabilities. The NOC on the other hand further prescribes, on its long term A2/AD concept for the NAW to have the Anti Submarine Warfare Long Range Aircraft and Medium Range Patrol Aircraft in the Future,” Captain Liwanag said.