Navy vessels test fire armaments

The Philippine Navy’s Naval Forces Central (NAVFORCEN), through Naval Task Force 50, spearheaded the test firing of naval armaments aboard Navy vessels BRP Alfredo Peckson (PC372) and BRP Ivatan (LC298) at vicinity South of Camotes Island, Cebu, yesterday, October 28, 2020.


NAVFORCE said the activity was participated by the officers and enlisted personnel of said vessels for proficiency in firing and readiness of its heavy machine guns, LMGs, and other crew-served weapons.

“The gun exercise aimed to test and ensure the operational readiness of naval armaments and evaluate the knowledge and skills of the personnel aboard ship for combat readiness utilizing the “killer tomato” as the target,” NAVFORCEN said.

It also noted that BRP Alfredo Peckson, skippered by Lieutenant Commander Esperidion S Arenas, and BRP Ivatan, skippered by Commander Paul Anthony SJ Yamamoto were able to test all their armaments to maintain integrity, capability, and mission-ready status.

“The activity was done following the guidelines published by the Inter-Agency Task Force on safety and health protocols. Central Command through Naval Forces Central will continue to ensure and maintain the operational readiness of its naval assets to promote a safe and secured maritime environment in the Visayas,” NAVFORCEN said.