Philippine Navy to test missile system acquired from Israel

The Philippine Navy (PN) is conducting live-firing of its recently acquired missile capability from Israel.

“The PN will be conducting a scenario-based capability demonstration and live-firing of the newly-installed Spike-Extended Range (ER) missile system and mini-Typhoon machinegun system on board a Multi-Purpose Attack Craft (MPAC) Mark III on November 21, 2018 off the waters of Lamao Point, Bataan,” Navy spokesperson Commander Jonathan Zata told Philippine News Agency.

The Navy’s three MPACs equipped with missile capability and an AgustaWestland AW-109 attack helicopter will participate in the exercise.

The first live-fire testing of the Navy’s missile capability was held in August.

According to Israeli firm Rafael a Typhoon MLS-ER system includes Spike-ER missiles, launchers, an Electro Optical director and a fire control system.

“The light-weight, stabilized system can be installed on a variety of platforms, ranging from Rigid Hull Inflated Boats (RHIBs) to larger boats and ships,” Rafael noted. “Spike ER is an electro-optically guided multipurpose missile for ranges of up to 8km with pinpoint accuracy.”