Navy searching for new naval aviators

The Philippine Navy’s Naval Air Wing is now searching for commissioned naval officers in active service who will be part of next batch of naval aviators.

“The Naval Air Wing is looking for qualified officers to undergo training – the Naval Aviation Officers Course (NAOC) Class 12 – to become Naval Aviators to fly our Navy’s modernizing and growing number of air assets,” the Philippine Fleet said.

The Philippine Fleet that those who just completed the Naval Officer’s Basic Cousre (NOBC) are welcome to apply.

Applications can be sent to or Naval Air Operating Squadron (NAOS) located in all naval forces.

Applicants must have the rank of ensign or second lieutenant to lieutenant junior grade or first lieutenant, must not be more than 29 years old at start of training, must have recommendation from unit commander, PER from last 2 commanders, 5 feet 4 inches tall for male or 5 feet 2 inches tall for female, and PNCCS generated clearance from OTNA.