Navy opens direct enlistment for aircraft mechanics, avionics technicians

The Philippine Navy’s Naval Air Wing has opened direct enlistment for interested and qualified individuals for aircraft mechanic and avionics technician positions.

The Naval Air Wing said it is “looking for interested and qualified people to be the aircraft mechanics and avionics technicians of the growing number of Philippine Navy air assets.”

Interested aircraft mechanics and aviation technician should beat least 18 years old but not more than 32 years old upon appointment as Candidate Sailor, must be natural born Filipino citizen and of good moral character, unmarried and with no child to support, should be at least 5 feet for both male and female, must not have pending civil/criminal case, must pass AFPSAT, IQ exam, and the Physical Fitness Test.

Interested applicants must have completed at least 72 units in any of the aviation related courses or TESDA NCII training.

For interested aircraft mechanics, aviation related courses are Bachelor of Engineering and Technology Major in Aircraft Maintenance Technology. BS in Aeronautical Engineering, BS in Air Transportation, BS in Aviation Technology, BS in Aviation Safety and Security Management, BS in Aircraft Maintenance Technology, Aircraft Technician Course, Associate Aircraft Maintenance Technology.

For interested avionics technicians, aviation related courses are BS in Electronics and Communication Engineering, BS in Avionics Technology, BS in Aviation Information System, Electronic Devices and Circuits Assembly, Instrumentation and Control Servicing NC IV, Electronics Technology, Training for Engineer (Level 1) Arcdi-Based, aand Training for Engineer (Level 2) Arcdi-Based.

Interested applicants can fill up: to be considered.