Navy installs sovereign markers in 11 northern PHL islands

The Philippine Navy’s Naval Forces Northern Luzon (NFNL), operating under Northern Luzon Command, has installed sovereign markers in 11 uninhabited island in northern Philippines.

Screengrabbed from NFNL video

On August 24, NFNL said the members of Sovereign Markers construction and installation team were welcomed.

They were given award in recognition for their “selfless efforts and priceless devotion on the construction of the Sovereign Markers in the 11 uninhabited islands in Northern Philippines.”

Members of the Desalination Plant Project construction team in Mavulis Island were also awarded.

“In essence, regardless of what insignia or award you received, the most important things innour service is 1) the accomplishment of mission and 2) the immense spirit of camaraderie and hard work we learn to develop and apply along with the competence we practice. That is because, that spirit brings a greater weight of pride and impact than mere decorations,” NFNL commander Commodore Caesar Bernard N Valencia said.