Navy eyes 6 anti-air frigates, 12 anti-submarine corvettes, 3 submarines

The Philippine Navy is eyeing to operate 6 anti-air frigates, 12 anti-submarine corvettes, and 3 submarines.

The said naval assets are part of Navy’s desired force-mix, under the Naval Operating Concept submitted to higher headquarters in 2020, which also includes offshore patrol vessels (OPVs), landing docks (LDs), fast attack interdiction craft-missiles (FAIC-M), multi-purpose attack crafts (MPACs), amphibious assault vehicles (AAVs), and other naval assets.

“This is the force-mix that will enable the AFP to achieve a credible defense,” Navy chief Vice Admiral Giovanni Carlo Bacordo told PNA.

“Submarines will enhance our maritime defense capability and can effectively carry out anti-access/area denial, maritime surveillance, maritime interdiction, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. The submarine is the most effective ISR platform and the best killing machine in the Navy inventory,” the Navy chief explained.