Navy decommissions patrol ship, craft, aircraft

The Philippine Navy decommissioned a patrol ship, patrol craft, and aircraft on January 29.

The decommissioned assets were BRP Rizal (PS-74), BRP Nicolas Mahusay (PC-119), and Islander aircraft (NV-304).

The ceremony was held at Captain Salvo Pier, Naval Base Heracleo Alano presided by Flag Officer-in-Command Vice Admiral Robert A. Empedrad.

According to Philippine Fleet, the ceremony was attended by the different Unit Commanders, HPN Central Staff, HPF Central/Personal/Special/Technical Staff, Commanders of Forces/Groups/Centers/Wing as well as the former skippers and pilots of the two vessels and aircraft.

“The decommissioning of legacy ships and aircraft will pave the way for the arrival of new ones as part of the PN’s Phase In, Phase Out Program,” the Philippie Fleet said.

“Today may have been the last day they serve our maritime nation and all of us, but they will remain an epitome of loyal service to our maritime nation,” Vice Admiral Empedrad said.