Navy decommissions legacy ships as initial way to modernization

The Philippine Navy (PN) through the Philippine Fleet (PF) decommissioned BRP Pangasinan (PS31), BRP Quezon (PS70), BRP Emilio Liwanag (PC118) and BRP Salvador Abcede (PC114) on March 1, 2021 at Captain Salvo Pier, Naval Base Heracleo Alano after years of service.

According to Philippine Fleet, the vessels participated in various naval exercises, undertook missions, and received numerous awards protecting the seas and serving the Filipino people.

“The decommissioning of these vessels will serve as the initial way going to modernizing our navy. It is the primary key in becoming a modern and multi-capable organization that will fulfill our mandate in protecting the people, upholding our sovereignty and preserving our territorial integrity,” the Philippine Fleet commander said in his message read by the Naval Air Wing commander Commo. Karl Decapia.

“And now that these gallant fleet assets have reached the culmination of their extraordinary service. To BRP Pangasinan (PS31), BRP Quezon (PS70), BRP Emilio Liwanag (PC118) and BRP Salvador Abcede (PC114) will now be decommissioned and deactivated, nonetheless the Philippine Fleet and the Philippine Navy will continually remember all your success and contributions. The achievements you had brought to the Philippine Fleet and the Philippine Navy will always be upheld and remembered by those who once served aboard and most especially by those who benefited from your lengthy services,” he added.

The Navy chief said in his message read by Navy Vice Commander Rear Admiral Adeluis Bordado, “the accomplishments of these PN vessels won’t be possible without their courageous crew. We are preparing and transitioning from a legacy navy into a modern navy, and part of this is making sure that we allocate our valuable resources and manpower to our new platforms.”

“Indeed, the decommissioning of PS31, PS70, PC118 and PC114 is a symbolism that there is a new horizon in sight. We are geared towards becoming a stronger and more capable Philippine Navy. With our newest acquisitions, we are more confident that we can better perform our mandate and provide better protection of our maritime domains,” the Navy chief added added.

The Philippine Fleet said “the Philippine Navy implemented gradual decommissioning of PN legacy assets in line with the [Secretary of National Defense’s] guidance to decommission all legacy assets of the PN to pave way for the incoming platforms pursuant to the AFP Modernization Program.”

“Said decommissioning signifies the Command’s departure from the legacy navy and focus on the enhancement of our naval capabilities. Furthermore, this activity symbolizes the organization’s transition towards a modern and multi-capable navy that the Command envisions,” the Fleet said.

“We are decommissioning our legacy ships and aircraft to pave the way for the arrival of new ones. Today may have been the last day they serve our maritime nation and to all of us, but they will remain an epitome of loyal service to our maritime nation,” it added.