Navy aircraft donated by Japan holds missions in support for COVID-19 response


The Philippine Navy’s King Air C90 aircraft NV 390 donated by Japan is conducting missions to transport medical supplies in support for government’s COVID-19 response.

NR 390 was activated on November 21, 2017 and was among the first two of five King Air C90 donated by the Japanese government.

“The Philippine Navy’s Beechcraft King Air C90, NV 390, one of the latest additions to the inventory of air assets of the Naval Air Wing, airlifted 10 boxes of test kits of Office of Civil Defense to Awang Airport, Maguindanao for Cotabato Regional & Medical Center 11 May 2020,” the Naval Air Wing said.

“These continuous air transport of test kits, PPEs, swab specimens, personnel, and other logistical requirements will not stop until we triumph in this battle against this pandemic. Let us heal as one nation,” it added.