MNLF members surrendered firearms to Army troops

37 members of the Moro National Liberation Front voluntarily surrendered their firearms morning of September 14, 2019 at Buluan, Maguindanao.

6th Infantry Division

Around 250 personalities claiming to be members of MNLF led by Ustadz Jamaluddin G. Abdullah from Brgy Kayaga, Pandag, Maguindanao conducted a thanksgiving and peace rally held at Buluan Municipal Gymnasium for their so called Federal Victory Achievement of the entire MINSUPALA. The activity was coordinated with the Local government of Buluan along with the security forces in the area.

Among the group were 37 personalities who are in military uniform with firearms. The group were reminded by the troops of 40th Infantry Battalion under Joint Task Force Central that wearing of military uniforms under arms is in violation of the peace agreement signed between the MNLF and GPH. As a result, the MNLF members voluntarily surrendered their firearms to the troops as a gesture of respect to the peace agreement between the government and MNLF.

Firearms surrendered were: 21 M16 rifles, 3 M14 rifles, 1 Ultimax, 2 M4A1 Carbine, 2 Garrand rifles, 1 BAR, 3 Cal. 45 pistols, 1 M203 rifle, 1 M79 rifle, 1 Springfield, and 1 Carbine.

“The troops of JTF Central were present in the area to provide security and to readily address any attempt by armed threat groups to disrupt the peace rally of our MNLF brothers” said Maj. Gen. Diosdado C. Carreon, Commander of JTF Central.

“MNLF members can converge for dialogues and other peaceful activities as long as they are not in uniform and under arms as this was prohibited in the security agreements indicated in the September 2, 1996 Government of the Philippines-MNLF final peace agreement,” the Commander added.

The Commander also commended the gesture of the MNLF to surrender their arms voluntarily to our troops. 6th Infantry Division