Military urged to mobilize reservists, specially colonel-ranked telecom, transpo industry leaders


“We call on the AFP and DND to mobilize the AFP Reserve Force, especially colonel-ranked industry leaders in telecommunications and transportation,” Senator Francis Pangilinan said in a statement March 19.

He explained that these colonel-ranked industry leaders in their fields will enable them to mobilize existing networks that can provide logistical support for the emergency response.

“They can help in providing immediate communications and transport of food supply items and relief goods; personnel including frontline workers in hospitals, supermarkets, and banks; and even returning and departing OFWs,” the senator explaned.

“At the same time, the Reserve Force in the medical services and even waste management can help augment the existing government infrastructure and organizational structures,” Senator Pangilinan adedd.

He said with these reservists exempted from the lockdown and under the command of the AFP, the efforts will be more organized and more efficient.