Military sustains Focused Military Operation in Maguindanao

The Joint Task Force Central (JTFC) is sustaining its Focused Military Operation in Maguindanao against the DAESH-inspired terrorist group under Salahudin Hassan.

On March 11, JTFC launched a surgical air and artillery mission against clearly identified and confirmed targets complemented with a focused ground operations.

“The operation was initiated after a concern citizen relayed information regarding the consolidation of the fully armed terrorist group in the specific area,” said Philippine Army 6th Infantry Division (6ID) under the command of Major General Cirilito Sobejana who is also the commander of JTFC.

According to military report, local residents also reported to authorities that the terror group forcibly occupied their houses since February that pushed them to leave because of fear.

“Former BIFF rebels who surrendered to JTFC also supported the information being relayed to locate the specific locations of the terror group,” 6ID said.

“Follow on operations ensured that the terrorists were confined in the area and prevented the spill over as our troops were deployed in the strategic areas,” it added.

JTFC said it is very determined to defeat these threat groups and prevent them from doing terroristic activities to bring about peace in Central Mindanao.