Military now prioritizing air defense due to ’emerging threat of missiles’

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief-of-Staff General Gilbert Gapay said during his confirmation hearing September 2 before the Commission on Appointments that the military has a long range, medium range, and current operations defense plans.

General Gapay said that these plans go through process and changes will have to go through the process.

“The details, basically remains the same Mr Chair, your honor, but sometimes priorities change. For example, right now, we are prioritizing air defense because of the emerging threat of missiles which are being developed in the neighboring countries,”¬†General Gapay said.

“The threat we have to contend with in the near future. That is why we need to develop this capability as against other developing capabilities,” he explained.

“So it would depend on the current and emerging security environment and we also do this periodically, the strategic environmental assessment and all other actions to include force restructuring, capability development, and new doctrines as well because of the evolving modern warfare and technology. So the Armed Forces should adapt with all these developments and they are all integrated in those revised defense plans Mr Chair, your honor,” the AFP chief said.