Men, women trained in art of war needed in war vs COVID-19: Palace

“We are in state of war against an unseen enemy and we need men and women trained in the art of warfare,” Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said after President Rodrigo Duterte appointed Secretary Carlito Galvez as Chief Implementor of the national policy against Covid-19.

National Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and Secretary Eduardo Año are also sitting as Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively, of the National Action Plan.

According to the Presidential spokesperson the rationale on the appointment of former military officials “simply lies on their culture of discipline, obedience to superiors, training in organization, tactical strategies in fighting the enemies of the state, and thorough preparedness in organization.”

“They are not embroiled in bureaucratic rigmaroles. They abhor useless debates, they are silent workers, not voracious talkers. They act without fanfare. They get things done,” Panelo added.

He also explained that strict implementation of home quarantine is a must, so is the maintenance of peace and order to make affective the fight against the coronavirus that has placed the nation on the precipice of destruction and death.

“We need the PNP and the military as they have the discipline, the organization, the manpower and the equipments to implement the measures that the government has established. They will pursue efficiently and swiftly the emergency measures to end the spread of the deadly virus pursuant to the special powers granted to the President by Congress,” he said.

“With high and senior ex-military men at the helm of the implementing organisations, the officers as well as the rank and file of the PNP and the AFP will necessarily follow the orders coming from them, issued by the Commander-in Chief, without question and with impartiality in the strict implementation of the protocols, guidelines and procedures established by the national government,” Secretary Panelo added.

“They will spare no one nor exempt anyone, whether in the private sector or in the government, in applying the law as well as the restrictions imposed by the Constitution in times of national emergency,” he explained.