Mayor Sara to Palace: Ask Faeldon to explain

Mayor Sara Z. Duterte on Sunday said Malacañang should make Bureau of Corrections chief Nicanor Faeldon explain the controversial release of nearly 2,000 convicts – including those who had been serving jail terms for illegal drugs trade and other heinous crimes.

Sara told Philippine News Agency that the Office of the President can exercise its power to review if it finds the releases had no basis in law.

“I think the OP should ask him to explain and then exercise the power to review. Thereafter, they can fire or ask him to resign if they think he had no basis in law for all the releases made,” she said.

Among those allegedly freed on the basis of good conduct were 48 drug lords – including Chinese nationalities.

Sara said in her view, the application of the good conduct time allowance law (GCTA) “should exclude heinous crimes mainly on the basis of the unspeakable evil of the crime they committed.”

“They may reform inside the prison but they should be made to pay for life of the depravity of the crime they have committed. That is the price they pay,” she said.

Sara said the GCTA might have not become an issue if “the death penalty is in place.”

In reaffirming her support to death penalty, the Presidential daughter said: (There is) no point in using government money in keeping them alive. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth for heinous crimes convicts is reasonable.”

She said the release of drug convicts was saddening.

Ang hirap ng magpakulong tapos makalaya lang (It’s already difficult to send somebody to jail and then they would only be released). There is really good behavior inside the jail because their freedom is restricted. Give them freedom and they will party,” she added.

Sara said the release of drug suspects was a blow to the government’s war on drugs and is infuriating.
“It even encourages EJK,” she added.

Sara also supported the calls to make the names of those freed based on GCTA public.

“The list should be made public. It is laced with public interest because they are convicts. Chances are high they will commit crimes again. That is our reality. The possibility of reform is low in humans,” she added. PNA.GOV.PH