Mayor Sara Duterte disowns federalism-COVID19 article

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte has disowned an article “Mayor Inday Sarah Duterte’s point of view” circulating online.

The presidential daughter said in a statement that it “is not mine nor does it reflect my actual views about federalism and how the national government is responding to the Covid-19 health crisis.”

“Everything about the said article was never mine — from the misspelled “Sarah” to the glaring grammatical errors to the ridiculous syntax or to the whole idea of federalism,” Mayor Sara said.

She added that the way the article was presented as commentary on her views on federalism “vis-a-vis the fight against Covid-19 was insulting.”

“The authors of the article should be ashamed of themselves for the horrible work they have done with the article and for manipulating and fooling the public,” she said.

“Those who have read the article, shared it on their social media accounts, and were convinced that the views expressed there were actually mine should be equally ashamed of themselves for agreeing to become propagators of fake information apparently manufactured to peddle an agenda,” the Davao City chief executive said.

She added that the Duterte administration is facing a formidable enemy these days and President Rodrigo Duterte needs the support of the entire country to bring the enemy down, protect the public from infection, and prevent more deaths.

“Any form of misinformation, any attempt to fool the public, any move to use me or any other person to push an agenda is a painful counterproductive measure that would only worsen the situation as it would never help the Duterte government win over the deadly virus,” she said.

“I humbly ask the public, particularly the supporters of President Duterte, to be always circumspect in dealing with information online,” Mayor Sara said. “I also ask the supporters of the Duterte administration to stand strong with each other, and continue to support your government.”